Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Behind the Scenes #3: Perry Grosshans, GM

Or, More More More Behind the Scenes at THIN AIR Day 2

Well, we've had Lift Off and now we're in orbit!

Up early this morning to get to MTYP. The next three hours are rush, rush, rush, pray, pray, pray, as I wait for furniture, water, glasses, linens, wine and a fridge to arrive. We hang banners, and drap cloths, and pin skirts for tables, and arrange, arrange, arrange.

It's school event, very entertaining and fun, except that every now and then Ken's lapel mic sounds like a horde of bats is flying over him (really, no fooling...squealing little bats...weird but somewhat fitting).

But that's Day One - little bugs. Eventually Chris C the Tech Guy figures it out: the cordless mic is sharing the same frequency as the cordless mics in another rehearsal room. Fixed.

At the Mainstage tonight, a bunch of little blips and blurps: no quarters for change at the bar (begging people for change); No books for the draw (borrowed them from McNally); Charlene forgetting to mention the surveys and to direct people where to put the finished ones...and really, no designated place FOR them! We still managed to gather a bunch (thanks to all who filled them out), and tomorrow we'll designate a place for finished ones.

All in all, nothing to destroy the Festival, but all those little first night bumps you try to plan for...but can't.

Oh, and Tavia parking in the wrong spot and getting towed, and I had to go and rescue her and Genni Gunn from the U of Wpg and go get her car from the impound lot. Really - hard to plan for that.

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