Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Hey all,

As you may have noticed, THIN AIR is over.

That doesn't mean that HOT AIR is also over-and-done. Unlike festival staff, who are even now re-acquainting themselves with beds all over the city, we here at HOT AIR still got a couple of videos, a end-of-fest slideshow, and some summarizing comments yet to make...

The only thing is that the rest of our lives have taken over, now that we no longer have the excuse of the ACTUAL festival and ACTUAL events.

I hope to post my gak by end of week. But, then, I said that last year.

Still, there's enough here to bloat even the most highly-interested voyeur or a herd of the most avid literati.

So, digest a bit, leave comments, and come back regularly to see what bright, shiny new content appears.

Thanks, all!

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