Monday, September 22, 2008

Flickr-ing: the signing

Flickr-ing: the signing, originally uploaded by hotair.2008.

On stage after tonight's mainstage.
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bev sandell greenberg said...

One aspect of the Festival thatI love is the surprises, such as discovering an author whom I previously haven't read. "Speculating realities", the Monday night MTYP reading is a case in point. After hearing Kenneth Oppel read his excerpt, I'm definitely going to check out his books. Ditto for Elyse Friedman. What a great ear for dialogue. Hilarious as well.

Another surprise was last night's audience. I hadn't expected to see so many generations represented - from preteens to the blue rinse set and everyone in between. Kudos to Charlene for selecting themes with wide appeal!

Bev Sandell Greenberg