Thursday, September 4, 2008

from pre-pre-view to pre-view

Hey all,

I know I just started posting content willy-nilly but I should back up and explain what's going on here...

My name is Ariel Gordon. I'm blogger-in-chief of HOT AIR.

The content I've posted so far is what I'm deeming a pre-pre-view of THIN AIR, which doesn't start until September 21. It was timed to coincide with the Sept. 3 press conference announcing the festival line-up.

I've got a few more odds and sods to post before I'm done with this pre-pre-view, but don't expect much more until we move into pre-view mode the week before the festival.

As with last year, you can expect lots of multimedia content, which includes video, audio, pictures, and text. You can also expect lots of interviews with authors, thoughts on readings, reading, and literature and more than a small soupcon of sillyness.

You also (reasonably, I think...) expect to see people other-than-me writing and commenting for HOT AIR.

Like the army, we're still (always!) recruiting, so if you're at all interested, here's the wherefore:
HOT AIR, the official blog of THIN AIR, Winnipeg International Writers Festival, is looking for a few good (volunteer) bloggers. On offer to the lucky handful are free tickets to Mainstage events, festival paraphernalia, and the opportunity to rub shoulders, elbows, and ankles with book-ish folk. For more information, contact Ariel Gordon at

Thanks to the THIN AIR staff for bringing me back for a second year of airing my opinions and tech savvy. Thanks too to Pasha Malla for being the inaugural featured author...


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