Sunday, September 21, 2008

Intro: Brad Hartle

Ariel sent me an email before I knew who Ariel was.

I don't get many emails, for reasons I would rather not talk about, so I opened it with some interest. I'm glad I did. A mutual friend had given Ariel my contact info, suggesting me as someone who might be interested in blogging for the Writers Festival.

I nodded to myself, raised my eyebrows a bit and thought, yes, yes that would be something I'd be interested in. She then went on to promise me a free coffee mug. At this point I pushed the reply button.

As someone who is just starting out writing, I thought it might be interesting to focus on what writers at the festival have to say about the craft of writing fiction, be it novels, short stories or poems.

Where do their influences and ideas come from? How do they make their characters believable? How do they approach form and voice? What have they learned as their careers have progressed? It is questions like these that will be the focus of my postings.

I would like to thank Ariel and the good folks at the Writers Festival for this opportunity. I hope I don't blow it.

* * *

Brad Hartle likes books. One day he may try to write one, though nothing is certain. For now, he spends his days in the basement of a big stone building in Downtown Winnipeg and his evenings in a big brick apartment in Crescentwood, where he lives with his wife, two cats, and a scattering of toothpicks, needed because he refuses to see a dentist. He is almost always happy.

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