Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading Copy: Duncan Thornton

Duncan Thornton established his reputation as a compelling young adult fantasy writer with Kalifax, which was short-listed for many awards, including the 2000 Governor General’s Award, the Mr. Christie’s award, the Manitoba Best First Novel and Best Children’s Book awards, and the Manitoba Young Readers’ Choice Award. That first book has been followed by two highly successful sequels, Captain Jenny and the Sea of Wonders, and The Star-Glass.

His new novel, Shadow-Town (Annick), is the first of a four-book series which introduces readers to cousins Jack and Rose — and the ghostly Whisperers. Duncan Thornton also writes non-fiction and drama, and he lives in Winnipeg.

* * *

* * *

So this one nearly killed me. Various tech nightmares, from dead batteries to weeping babies. And, dolt that I am, I called Duncan 'Kenneth,' as in Kenneth Oppel, while all the tech nightmares reared their girl-horse-that-has-had-babies heads.

(Duncan, if you're reading this, I know who you are and I picked you, not Kenneth! Did I mention that I'm a dolt?)

All that aside, I'm glad to present my first 2008 Reading Copy. It should go without saying that I hope to do several MORE of these Reading Copies before fest-end...

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