Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reading: Rebecca Rosenblum

Rebecca Rosenblum is one of those tricky women. Shy-looking, self-deprecating-ish, but clever and confident underneath.

Her book is only a week old. She's only ever done five or six readings in her live-long life.

But with the exception of a couple of errant throat clearings - or, perhaps, the microphone up her nose - you couldn't tell.

That's what's wonderful and terrible about writing/writers.

Thankfully, given my bugaboo about writers doing the SAME reading at afternoon and evening events, she read something different that night, appearing before Pasha Malla and David Bergen in the second half of the evening.

She wore a pink dress, I think...

I don't hold that against her.

* * *

Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg-based writer and editor. Her poetry has recently appeared in PRISM International, The Fieldstone Review, and Prairie Fire. In addition to being Events Coordinator at Aqua Books, Ariel also contributes to the Winnipeg Free Press' Books Section and Prairie books NOW.

A hand-made, limited-edition chapbook of Ariel's poetry, entitled The navel gaze (with Kingsville, ON's Palimpsest Press), will be launched Oct. 1 at Aqua Books.

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