Thursday, September 25, 2008


My email, earlier today, to the handy-dandy handful of bloggers under my command:
How's this? I'll give you a shiny nickel if you'll twitter. I'll give you a whole quarter if you'll flickr.

(That is, if you have the tech. If you don't, that's fine. If you do, and you're just...scared, well, shame on you!) Do it!

Yours, Ariel
Now, I have smart-asses on my crew, so I got back smart-assery...

To wit, here's Emma's 'whimsical' response, which arrived a few minutes after my email went out:
OK, I'll try and Twitter. I don't know if my phone is capable, but what's the worst thing that can happen right?

Is there, like, some sort of dead letter depot for undeliverable twitters? That would be so sad.

Those poor lost updates, forever on a journey for which there is no destination. Hopefully they can make friends, and be of comfort to one another.
Jay by-passed the back-channel smart remarks and twittered this:
jay doesn't know if he's making twitters right.
And this:
Jay is making twitter's right, excepted for the lack of capital letters.
And Brad? Well, he looks like the straight man, like the reliable one, but then...he's not. That is not to say that he can't be counted upon for bloggy goodness (RIGHT, Brad?) but that he is actually human like the rest of us...

For instance, he sent me this business-like email as I was leaving the house:
Hi Ariel,

I'm going to sneak out of work early and go to the Austin Clarke reading. I'm not sure if anyone else is covering it, but I'll be there. Can you forward me the twitter link so that I can upload while I'm there?

But did he twitter, I ask you? No. He just sat there and drank in the Austin Clarke, which was especially galling, as I came late and had to sit in the hall. Like a child.

* * *

Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg-based writer and editor. Her poetry has recently appeared in PRISM International, The Fieldstone Review, and Prairie Fire. In addition to being Events Coordinator at Aqua Books, Ariel also contributes to the Winnipeg Free Press' Books Section and Prairie books NOW.

A hand-made, limited-edition chapbook of Ariel's poetry, entitled The navel gaze (with Kingsville, ON's Palimpsest Press), will be launched Oct. 1 at Aqua Books.


Brenda Schmidt said...

I'm lovin' the group twitter!

Emma Hill said...

Nooo, I didn't mean it to be smart-assy! I thought I didn't understand how it worked and then I realized I kinda did.