Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hands on: Jane Munro

Jane Munro with the ring she won as part of the prize for Prairie Fire's Bliss Carman Poetry Prize.

(Yah, I know it's blurry. You try taking a good pic of someone's hand in uncertain light with a cellphone!)

Jane Munro with a motley assemblage of PF board/staff (Perry changed hats just prior to the taking of this photo...he's the chair of PF's board when not GM-ing for THIN AIR).

* * *

Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg-based writer and editor. Her poetry has recently appeared in PRISM International, The Fieldstone Review, and Prairie Fire. In addition to being Events Coordinator at Aqua Books, Ariel also contributes to the Winnipeg Free Press' Books Section and Prairie books NOW.

A hand-made, limited-edition chapbook of Ariel's poetry, entitled The navel gaze (with Kingsville, ON's Palimpsest Press), was launched Oct. 1 at Aqua Books.

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