Saturday, September 20, 2008

Behind the Scenes #1: Perry Grosshans, GM

It's the day before. Loading Day. We pack up what we need from the office, and get the Hospitality Suite ready for the hordes of volunteers and writers to start taking over the space.

Everything seems in order. Everything seems in place. And this is when the momentary panic sets in...

"Did we dot the i's and cross the t's? Or did we dot the t's and cross the i's!?!"

(Perry and Charlene Diehl at the THIN AIR press conference Sept. 3.)

That, I guess, is also the the "fun" part of the job: waiting for those little bumps, those hidden crevices, those sudden disasters that you have absolutely no way to prepare for. But that's why you make sure everything else is working, so that when something unknown does pop up, you can totally devote your time to fixing it, and fixing it quickly.

The first couple of days of Festival Week is usually like that for me. I try to enjoy as much as I can, but I'm never settled in until about day 3. By then, the whole thing has it's own momentum, and really, any little bumps that crop up will be washed away by the flood of preparations.

Charlene Diehl compares our festival to a swan - it's graceful and beautiful to the eye, gliding across the water effortlessly, while underneathe the legs are paddling like crap to keep the whole thing up and going!

Yup. We're the legs. And I'll be running like crap for the first couple of days to make sure it all looks graceful and beautiful.

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