Saturday, September 20, 2008

Intro: Emma Hill Kepron

Aah, autumn in Winnipeg. Gentle readers, we all know what this means: back-to-school, sticky bands on tree trunks and, best of all, the Writer’s Festival.

Once again, I am blown away, humbled, and awestruck by the sheer number of events planned and the enormous level of talent represented.

You may see me, my fellow fans of fiction, (and other genres, naturally) furiously taking notes, as I strive to bring you the freshest festival observations I can manage; straight from my brain to the internet, piping hot.

Sadly, the job that supplies the bacon to my home will keep me from some daytime events. However, this intrepid blogger will not shirk from evening proceedings, even if they do keep me up past my usual bed-time. I am that committed!

With a line up like this year’s, though, I would gladly stay up for days. Can you believe how lucky we are to have the likes of Joseph Boyden, Paul Quarrington, Austen Clarke, David Bergen and so many other talented creators in our midst? And for free or for cheap to boot!

I know I will be gorging myself on this literary feast, but there’s plenty to go around and I’m happy to share.

See you there!

* * *

Emma Hill Kepron is a librarian at the University of Manitoba.

She is also an aspiring poet.

Her writing takes place in a small blue house near the river, which she shares with her husband and her dog.

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